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Wastewater treatment plant with phytoremediation plant and solar power plant

Consorzio Ponterosso, San Vito al Tagliamento (Pordenone), Friuli-Venezia-Giulia, Italy


Type of solution:
  • Management Actions
Solution category:
  • Joint sewage water treatment and valorisation
Wastewater treatment plant with phytoremediation plant and solar power plant


The park manager has implemented a wastewater treatment plant, which was completed in 2010. The plant has a capacity of around 7,500 population equivalent and enables the water discharge input from around 140 companies by using the best available techniques.

The treatment process is monitored by innovative systems that guarantee the compliance of the wastewater with the emission limit values.

The park manager realized a phytoremediation plant of three hectares to further treat the wastewater before putting them in the river near the industrial park and a solar power plant to reduce energy consumption of wastewater treatment plant.

Best practices key factors

A: Meeting the demand

3 - the solution is identified as high strategic importance

B: Successfully implemented

3 - the solution is successfully implemented, and it has achieved significant environmental and economic benefits.

C: Cooperative approach

3 - the solution has been achieved through a joint approach of more than 5 organisations.

D: Replicability and scalability

2 - the solution is moderately replicable and/or scalable

Why is it a best practice?

This solution is interesting because the park manager tries to enhance the environmental performance and energy consumption of joint wastewater treatment plant.


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