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Joint purchase of electricity - Spanish Foundry Association (FEAF)



Type of solution:
  • Contractual instruments
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  • Joint purchase of electricity
Joint purchase of electricity - Spanish Foundry Association (FEAF)


The Spanish energy market liberalisation took place in 1997 (54/1997 Law). In 2001, and after a tendering process by FEAF, a local energy advisor was chosen to conduct a joint purchase of electricity project - high voltage (under the supervision of FEAF).

The project was presented to the FEAF working groups (and particularly to those companies whose electricity contracts were about to expire).

Different auctions between 2002 and 2005. Savings of around 5%. Currently FEAF manages the joint purchase of electricity for 48 foundry companies.

Companies that are part of this pool have been able to keep their electricity cost quite steady (while electricity prices increased over 30% between 2016 and 2017).

Best practices key factors

A: Meeting the demand

3 - the solution is identified as high strategic importance.

B: Successfully implemented

2 - the solution is successfully implemented, and it has achieved environmental or economic benefits.

C: Cooperative approach

3 - the solution has been achieved through a joint approach of more than 5 organisations.

D: Replicability and scalability

3 - the solution demonstrates high potential for replication and/or is scalable.

Why is it a best practice?

Economic savings achieved for their associates are very significant. FEAF is a frontrunner in managing joint purchase of electricity.

Others have followed their experience and methodology (in low voltage) with very successful results.


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