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Joint management in La Torre park

La Torre park, Martorell, Barcelona (Spain)


Type of solution:
  • Management Actions
Solution category:
  • Exploitation of one plant
  • Joint waste management and disposal
Joint management in La Torre park


From the beginning, the park has been designed to meet environmental and industrial ecology criteria. The park is formed by SMEs with high needs of management of waste generated and joint environmental management.

Some specific steps were done:

  • 1. Identifying possible synergies in and outside the park.
  • 2. Reuse of waste from some companies as raw material for others in and outside the park, evaluating at the same time economic, environmental and social impacts.
  • 3. Disseminate this park model to be replicated in Martorell and other municipalities.

Public authorities predict five years since its establishment to obtain the estimated results.

Best practices key factors

A: Meeting the demand

3 - the solution is identified as high strategic importance.

B: Successfully implemented

1 - the solution is implemented but so far, its impacts are limited or not known.

C: Cooperative approach

3 - the solution has been achieved through a joint approach of more than 5 organisations.

D: Replicability and scalability

3 - the solution demonstrates high potential for replication and/or is scalable.

Why is it a best practice?

From the beginning location, environmental, economic and social impact have been considered.


Álvarez Portas, R. Trabajo Fin de Máster Detección de sinergias de simbiosis industrial y gestión medioambiental entre pymes de áreas industriales mediante herramientas de análisis espacial de la información.

Máster Universitario en investigación en ingeniería industrial. Julio 2014


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