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Chemiepark Linz utility monitoring system

Chemiepark Linz, Linz, Upper Austria, Austria


Type of solution:
  • Contractual instruments
  • Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs)
Solution category:
  • Joint purchase of energy carriers (gas/fuel/wood)
  • Joint purchase of monitoring equipment
Chemiepark Linz utility monitoring system


Most companies in Chemiepark Linz origin from the former company Chemie Linz AG which they were a part of some years or decades ago. Within Chemie Linz AG, utility provision was done by this single firm, now Borealis is responsible for utility services.

There is a good cooperation, good job distribution and so far, also an excellent basis for discussion.

The changes of ownership and divisions influence the possibilities for further development. Cooperation on utilities was maintained, obviously providing benefits to the single companies.

There are contractual agreements between S-PARCS project partner Borealis and the other major site companies.

For reasons of supply quality, security and energy efficiency, energy flows are constantly monitored. Borealis maintains a monitoring system providing frequent (e.g. 1 second) data.

This is a well-found basis for energy cooperation and energy efficiency projects and is thus a best practice example for constituting a decision basis for energy-related improvements.

The monitoring system is and has been fully functional for some years and has seen continuous extension regarding utilities and sensors.

Best practices key factors

A: Meeting the demand

3 - the solution is identified as high strategic importance.

B: Successfully implemented

2 - the solution is successfully implemented, and it has achieved environmental or economic benefits.

C: Cooperative approach

3 - the solution has been achieved through a joint approach of more than 5 organisations.

D: Replicability and scalability

2 - the solution is moderately replicable and/or scalable

Why is it a best practice?

It is not to be taken for granted that different companies, all belonging to the energyintensive chemical industry, allow and support the joint provision system and the high-frequent and detailed monitoring of their energy flux.

The high-frequent and detailed monitoring allows for extraordinary safe, economic and energy-efficient provision of utilities.


Borealis Agrolinz Melamine Gmbh

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